Couple Takes a Chance on Sad Shelter Cat Who Couldn’t Find Home, an Hour After Adoption.

It was a sad day for BenBen the orange cat when he sat in the shelter not knowing why he was there or where he would go next.  The poor guy probably felt like the world was closing in around him.

When BenBen first arrived at the shelter, he was beat up bad.  It’s easy to notice his missing ear.  He was suffering from a cauliflower ear like a wrestler!  His spine was crushed, and he was all cut up.

The shelter thinks he got into a fight with a much larger animal in the wild.  The injuries left him with a saddened face.  It’s hard not to look into his eyes and feel for him.

He was adopted once by a couple, but they were forced to bring him back because of his injuries.  The shelter thought he would need to live the rest of his life on meds and off his feet.

The only thing they could do was put him out of his misery.

When an ER vet clinic caught wind of BenBen’s story, one of the workers knew she had to step in and do something for the ginger man.

The day before his euthanization, the woman sent her boyfriend over to pick BenBen up from the shelter.  BenBen narrowly escaped death!

During his final days in the shelter, BenBen refused to eat and seemed to have given up on life.

After his new owners picked him out, things began changing in a hurry!

Once they brought BenBen inside, the first thing they needed to do was get him used to the other cats.

He lit right up!  The depressed cat began purring and gifting cuddles.

Then the natural curiosity of a cat set in.  It was time for BenBen to explore his new digs.

Below, you can see him doing his normal meal inspection.

Remember, the vet said BenBen would never walk again?  Well, BenBen proved the vet wrong!

He began walking with full strength and even does little bunny hops.

When the people at the shelter saw him after his recovery, they were shocked!

His face still looks a little sad, but isn’t he so cute?

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